Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bali Chillhouse Surf Retreat - Day 5

A huge drive this morning over big potholes, through rice fields and towns to check out Kedungu beach. It was flat! We waited a bit for the tide to come in... Exploring rock pools, skimming stones (and roof tiles) before it was decided that it was no go. One of the Jons managed to reverse the 9-seater and get us back up the hill and on our way.

Another 20 minute, potholed drive to get to Pasut Beach further north. This wasn't looking too good either. The boys went out at the only peak, which turned out to be quite fun. While we waited for the tide to come in, the girls went out with our guides at a fairly hollow section that challenged everyone, although it was worth it with Tania catching some memorable rights. By the time the tide had come up, the wind had come in, so James and I ended up giving the surf a miss and just having an early swim.

This must be the cheapest warung in Bali; a coke, two packets of chips and two packets of m&ms for $1.

We drove back through the tile district. Place after place with wet, clay tiles lined up to dry, or fired ones stacked. We passed a guy unloading a whole truckload of coconut husks on his own. We assume they're used to fire the kilns!

After our epic morning we were all wiped out. So more pancakes were ordered, more eggs and mi goreng were eaten, before we spent the rest of the day lined up by the pool, reading.
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