Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bali Chillhouse Surf Retreat - Day 4

We surfed Gangga beach today. Pretty much deserted when we got there. Nice little peaks for us. Shorter rides but fun drops. It was great. Afterwards we hung out at the warung with the noisiest meong (kitten) ever. This is our surf guides' local spot so it was very special to be taken here.

A quick massage after scrambled eggs followed by a trip into Kuta for some shopping. James performed admirably as packhorse and chaperone, while Tania and I bought up most of the silver jewellery on Poppies Lane and Kristy hunted for handbags. We scored some deals and James and Kristy even found time for a massage while Tania and I found dresses. Our taxi found some wormhole that got us back to Canggu in record time! All ready for red chickpea curry and BBQ pork.

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