Monday, September 3, 2012

Bali Chillhouse Surf Retreat - Day 3

We were up super early for a surf at Tugu. We were down at the beach at 7. Small but nice and glassy. Everyone got some great waves. Kristy got some of her biggest ever, Tania caught loads on her red board. James had three really memorable waves with some turns and nose time. I got some great, long hang 5s today. It was very fat conditions, but nice and relaxing.

Another massage after an uber breakfast. This was following by couch time, reading.

We went to another resort for a yoga class in the afternoon. It was 'level 2' which was a little extreme. Quite fast with the instructor talking with quite a strong Spanish accent.
In-nailing! Ex-ailing!! It took us all a while to figure out that 'breath into your babies' was actually 'pelvis'. Generally we could all keep up until we got to the headstand. The first option was to balance on your hands, the second was to do a headstand. There was some general alarm - some people were first-timers! - when there wasn't another, easier option. The resort was wondrous with, Balinese huts, lovely gardens and vegetable patches scattered throughout.

We spent a happy hour back at our room with our new toy. We just learned how to use the tennis racket/fly swat we had been issued with. It is, in actuall fact, a bug zapper! It gives a very satisfying sizzle each time you hit one - or five - mosquitoes. We had a few hundred camped out in our room this afternoon.

We had a very pleasant dinner with Nina and Andrew, the NZers and Steven and Chapman, both from Florida.

Huge sleep in tomorrow. We don't take off for a surf until 8. Loads of time for a leisurely breakfast in the morning. Strawberry pancakes or banana??
Cheater 5!!

James finding some nice lefts
Long malibu rides here!
Vegetable patches and fruit trees as Desi Seni
Beautiful details

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