Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The weather has been a bit average the last week or two...Really windy, no swell AND not all the sunny or warm either. now I can understand beautiful weather and no swell, but I'm going stir crazy... Hanging to get out there. Hoping to surf Saturday morning, but it will be small and low tide. *fingers crossed* that it isn't too dumpy. Got my new waterproof digital camera. Felt like forever waiting for it to arrive. The housing is great. The camera has a LCD screen but on the down side it is really about 3mp not the 6mp that it advertised. 'Interpolated'... apparently means that the camera 'fills in the gaps' to make up the extra mp. But I can't wait to give it a crack. Will be heaps easier than trying to guess what you are shooting with film and then waiting ages to see if any of the pics worked out. Plus I can waste as many shots as I like because I don't have to worry about getting to the end of the roll of film. The size of the images will need to be quite small in order to retain quality and I can forget about zooming in. Just ruins the quality. Will post some pics after the next surf. Here are some testers from the garden. *****BIFF UPDATE****** Biff is getting his Air con looked at on Friday. Hopefully not too expensive to repair - whatever the problem may be. We slept in the van down at the Bridgetown Blues Festival. It was fabulous in the back with proper mattresses. Luxury!!! I plan to paint him over Christmas. Currently compiling ideas for colours and stencils. Have found an auto paint place to visit on South Street.

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