Thursday, November 13, 2008

Taking the camera out for a spin/swim

Hit the beach this arvo. Didn't take the board as I didn't have the van. Was blowing a gale anyway and about 0.6m off Rottnest. These are some of the pics I've ended up with. All set on medium size. No zooming. You do need fingers of steel sometimes to press the button...This guy was catching the tiny tiny waves. Made me wish I'd brought a board. :) These were taken trying to body surf and get a shot 'in the wave'. Wasn't really possible as the waves were so small. Love the smiley horizon... Icons. Not much to be had. Spy photography, undercover. After a hard day working for Her Majesty's Secret Service, I emerge from the briny blue in an homage to 007 - The Spy Who Loved Me. All in all, not a bad little camera. The quality isn't great, but the shutter speed seems fine and the focal range works for me.

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