Friday, June 16, 2006


The photos that I printed onto fabric turned out wonderfully. Really sharp images. I rinsed them in water and washing liquid and the image stayed. I guess I didn't really believe that the product would do what it promised - so many things you buy are disappointing like that. I made my first mini art quilt with one of the pages of images I printed. My aim is to make one quilt a month so that I can try out all those new techniques that I've read about but haven't tried yet. I think this will give me a good framework to play in. The quilt has images of Chuck Norris that I converted to solid black and white images. The chuck Norris theme is a little unfortunate, but a group of friends and I have been watching Chuck's repertoire and he's so bad he's almost good. So; "Tribute to Chuck"!

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Ben said...

A Chuck Norris quilt? Ok, now that's just scary...