Monday, June 26, 2006

Time's a wastin'

I 've just realised that its less than two months until the Melville Art Awards. I told myself that I'd put an entry in this year, now that I know the competition exists. So I have to get cracking! I have a concept that I'm working on, but trying to make a decision about what techniques to use is proving difficult. Yesterday I created the background for my piece. A piece of handmade felt ~30cm x 45cm. The plan is to create a round disk that will be attached to the felt. My theme covers 'The tree of life' 'earth, fire, wind, and water' and somehow how these elements impact on us as Australians. Yeah, am I'm gonna communicate all of this in textiles... I was speaking to a well known, Perth textile artist on the weekend about communicating through art, and she agreed with me that the artist's intention doesn't have to be obvious in the finished product.

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