Monday, March 4, 2013

Maldives - Day 6, waves

Session #9
After lunch we had another surf at Ninjas. Saw a ninja turtle in the line up. I have so many itchy-bunkers, but it's been worth the stings. So many good waves again today. Can't wait to check the GoPro when I get home. Plus Mikala was in the water today, so some great shots to show for it.
So glad I brought the longboard for the friendlier waves.
Ladies in the line up
The size dropped off during the week.

Party wave with Alanna - until I forgot she was there and cutback :/
How clear is the water?!
We are docked at the Harbour at Cokes again tonight before blasting off somewhere new tomorrow. Very surreal experience having a surf in your cabin after a shower as the boat gets underway and takes us to a new destination. We're all checked in for our Saturday flights and will be home Sunday am. Could easily have done a 10 day trip I reckon. Staying on the boat has been so good!!
Home for tonight
Primo resort
Anchoring the Haira
All photos are copyright Hannah Katarski except those reproduced with the permission of Mikala Wilbow Photography. 

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