Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maldives - Day 6, land


This morning for brekkie we had pancakes with lime and sugar, watermelon juice... and an omelette. I forget every morning after I've gorged myself on breakfast and fruit, that Gobi is bringing out eggs. Omelette, fried eggs, poached eggs, scrambled. I'm not used to a three course breakfast! 

Immi's birthday today. Leeann got to talk to her so she was a very happy girl. She got her longest ride ever today, so she's a doubly happy girl.
Mona, from high school phoned our guide today to talk to me! She tracked me down because she recognized the boat on facebook! Seems everyone involved in the tourist industry knows everyone. So with any luck I'll message her and be able to meet up with her at the airport on Saturday! It's been 14 years!

We did another island visit this morning. Had a rest after five hours of surfing yesterday. The break here is called Cokes. So huge and critical. Most people get smashed even on the ones they make! So we just watched nicely. Leeann and I are a bit over the gnarly. We will head back to ninjas later on so we are happy to wait. When we were south earlier on in the week, it was so maxed out here that no one was out.
Checking out Cokes... Maybe not.
View from the bow of the Haira
Clean up set
Cokes Surf Camp

The crew
Walking from town to the break
This group of girls are so much fun. We've had the worst conversations. This is the first all girls trip the guide has done so he's enjoyed all the silly things we talk about! So... there's a hose in the bathroom and on the second day we found out that you can't flush toilet paper on the boat, so we've been refining our spray technique along with a lot of coaching from the guide about hosing and then dabbing/drying with the toilet paper. Hahah. Of course this led to countless questions and toilet humour.
The break isn't particularly easy to get to once on the island
and includes crossing an inlet.
Colours of Cokes
Best seat in the house
Fast right, and urchin covered rocks.

All the doors are decorated
The harbour

Brave wahine out at Cokes

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