Saturday, February 23, 2013

Maldives - Day 4

Day 4
Coffee and a surf check

Surf Session #4
We surfed Riptides again in the morning. Much smaller than yesterday with long waits in between. We didn't stay out for long before hopping back on the boat and motoring our way north.

We passed through Male. It was fascinating seeing the built up island - all the high rise and different types of boats. 'Maldives Aggressor' was perhaps the most interestingly named. We dropped the cook off at the hospital - basically pulled the Haira up next to the hospital - as he hasn't been well.

It is so so beautiful here. Being on the boat has been so magical. Beats staying at a resort. We sit and watch the world go by as we motor to the next harbour. We're always on the go. Plenty of room too. Pretty funky showering off the back of the boat after a session as we motor to harbour for the night!

Surf Session #5
Now in the North Male Atolls, we anchored near Jailbreaks. It looked really fun when I first got in but should have watched it for longer I guess. I went for one and didn't catch it, then was suddenly in the inside for about eight waves. My longboard was like a kite dragging me in. Hayley was stuck inside too. I just remember trying to make some headway and getting nowhere, but seeing Mikala with her flippers and camera covering all this ground heading back out while we were stuck. Was probably 5' on the back of the waves. This baby is going to be such an adrenalin junky - lucky - so she can keep up with Immi!

Mikala sharing some board time and getting up out of the water for a bit

Leeann, Steph and I went onto the island for a wander around. It's Ramadan at the moment so I felt a bit funny about walking around the village when all the women seemed to be inside and people are fasting. We tried to dress respectfully. When we hopped of the launch, there were a few men sitting around, enjoying the breeze near the coast, and that was it. We walked off to try and watch the break from the shore, and wound up at the jail. See, I was thinking that the break was called Jailbreaks because of the tendency to trap people on the inside. Certainly turned out this way for me! But no, there is a jail on the island, end of story.

We weren't really up for shopping, but one owner talked us into visiting 'mango shop' because it was 'the most beautiful shop on the island'. He wasn't wrong! Looked like nothing from the outside, then once you stepped in, it went back for acres, complete with a pond and bridge!

I got to drive the dinghy back to the boat and got us all wet surfing the swell with it.
Tonight we lay on the roof enjoying the trade winds and watching the stars.
Michael in my hat

All photos are copyright Hannah Katarski except those reproduced with the permission of Mikala Wilbow Photography. 

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