Friday, September 7, 2012

Bali Chillhouse Surf Retreat - day 7

We had an 8:15 start for our final surf at Kedungu today. It was nowhere near as good as the day before and not as big. Jon and Lady Jon had had a motorcycle accident the night before resulting in my Jon going to hospital with a broken jaw and lady Jon needing a day off. So Tania and I went surfing with Kamal. He didn't sing though. :( A few bingles in the water with James getting conked in the head by a beginner. I have a tasty fin bruise on my thigh. We all caught some fun waves as the crowd thinned and finished our surf a little burnt around midday.

We got adventurous with the crazy sweet chilli flavoured macaroni chips and local potato chips at the beach warung before tying the boards on the roof and heading home.

Best massages today. Then we were all very lazy, finishing off books by the pool before celebrating the opening of the new pool and games area at the resort. The Seafood BBQ dinner was a spectacular finale to the week of great food.

Kristy and James
Kristy flying
Tania in the curl

Chapman enjoying the local marmalade

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