Friday, August 19, 2011

Canggu - stoked in Bali - Surf Expeditions Part 1

We went to Canggu on Tuesday too. Only, this time the dude with the van didn't have roof racks. Turns out you can still get six surfboards across Bali sans racks. All you need is a strap or two...
Dad really hoping his kneeboard, the shortest and least secure on the roof, makes it to the beach!

The conditions were similar, but the wind was already in when we arrived. Doesn't seem to make a great deal of difference here, unlike home. Felt a lot more confident today and caught more waves even though it wasn't as clean.
Bit of a paddle out. Crapper but more crowded.
This was our last chance for some waves before the swell kicked up. Thursday was 14ft instead of the 7 and 8 of the previous days.

Post surf happiness:

Tugu in Canggu

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