Friday, August 19, 2011

Bali Bagus!


We are in Bali! We've had a terrific couple of days. Sunday we went for a surf right out the front of the hotel. The shape is very dependent on the tide here and it's taken us a few days to get the gist of it. A few swims in the pool. A trip up to the 'Bintang markets' on some bogus information meant we didn't find any markets. turns out it's a supermarket specialising in beige food. Deep fried stuff, biscuits, noodles, anything lacking in nutritional content. Then we walked back from Seminyak to Legian.

As there are 18 of us over here for James' 30th, we've had no shortage of people to eat with and do things with.

Monday was James' birthday. 6 of us piled into a van, stacked 6 boards on the roof and drove to Canggu. We surfed at Tuggu while the birthday boy enjoyed the coffee overlooking the breaks and being chatted up by the waitress. The waves were really nice, but Leeann, Rich and I wasted a bit of time trying to catch soft reforms when we should have gone straight out the back. Once I went out the back I only caught three waves before the tide got too high and the swell died. All hands and boards made it back safely.

Nasi goreng at the hotel before we shot off into Kuta to meet James' family at the water bomb park. Unfortunately we didn't realize the cost to get in! $26US per person. Between the 6 of us we had enough to get 3 or 4 people in. In the end, the others went off to do some shopping and James and I went in alone. Found the family and had a great time creating log jams on the river with all of James' siblings. Going random on the watersides was also great fun and we got braver and braver. Hayley went on the climax slide - the one where you get closed in a clear capsule - and can proudly say she is one of the people that got stuck and had to climb out the hatch. If you don't weigh enough or aren't going fast enough, you don't make it through the loop the loop and slide backwards, til you stop and get rescued out the hatch!

We had dinner back at the hotel as they had a seafood BBQ. So great that James could spend the evening with friends and family who were able to come over for the occasion.

The campest maitre'd sang Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe style then was led around the dance floor by Jim. Here he is getting a skate helmet from his mates.

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