Friday, July 15, 2011

Gnaraloo - 2011 Surf Trip - 1/6

We have been and now we are back.
All in all we were only camping for 4 days. My grandfather has been unwell and - as a lot of the family was on the trip - we needed to come home. He's doing really well now.
It felt so amazing to be up there again. In fact, when we arrived with the sun setting on Saturday afternoon, I could hardly believe we were there. We've been around the world since our last Gnaraloo trip and last July feels like a lifetime ago. The dynamic was really wonderful with my Aunt, Uncle, two cousins, as well as my Dad and James. It was great spending some time with my cousins; we haven't seen much of each other over the last few years and they've grown into amazing people.

I'll talk about the waves in the next post.

I took a pile of photos with my film cameras and will post them once they're developed. Really didn't take many digital shots, so I'm excited to see how/if I've managed to capture the trip through film. Excited to see how my Rebel 2000 (old film SLR) performs too.

We saw heaps of whales, dolphins, one dolphin who kept jumping entirely out of the water, a turtle and a reef shark/ray. There were some dugongs around too, but it's probably lucky I didn't see any of these guys! I just would have registered that it was big and not a dolphin.

Minimal injuries. Slashed my hand open on razorshell - this was after a surf as I was getting out. Ridiculous.
So still fighting fit and primed for Bali in 4 weeks!


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