Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Margaret River Drug Aware Pro

A quick trip down south for some waves and to take in the spectacle of an international surf comp.
We had to park on a golf course and catch a bus out to the surf break...

fisheyeApril - SurfBus!
Waves had been 8-10 foot on the Friday, but we arrived to a rapidly dimishing swell. Uber long waits between sets and competitors were struggling to get two scoring waves in their heat. Lots of heats were extended to 40 minutes. The groms had the best day of it, surfing Southsides while the pros waited on a flat Main Break.
fisheyeApril - Drug Aware Pro MR
The crew
The women's finals finished after the mens and I was pretty spun out to see 90% of spectators leave after the men's presentations finished. They took place whilst the women's semi was still running, I might add. Guess there still isn't as much of a following of women's surfing...
We stopped in at Gracetown on the way back to our little chalet. The swell had dropped even more. Still looked fun, but we didn't have boards with us and a 60min round trip to get them would have left us with 40mins of light. We could surf on Sunday.
fisheyeApril - Lefthanders
The Search
After a mega meal of pizza at the Malt Market, and a round of shots from a friend of a friend who insisted, we hit the hay. We awoke on Sunday morning to the sounds of 25 knot onshore winds and the swell read: <1 metre. Unheard of. So no waves for us. We perked ourselves up with pancakes and coffee before hitting the road.  

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