Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter holiday highlights

We made the most of the unusual 5 day weekend by driving 5 hours down south to Denmark. We were organised and got our x-trail serviced before we left. So as luck would have it, something in the service broke the computer and the car 'forgot' how to idle. Couldn't get it in to be fixed for another couple of weeks. So we left in the old Crystal Voyager, packed to the roof with longboards, in the dead of night, to putt our way down south.
DianaMiniApril - 23
Ocean Beach
 Camping was pretty busy and chaotic compared to in the sticks last year, where we were camped in the Stirling Ranges, away from everything. Amazing weather, generally, and great company. Blown away by all the high-tech camper trailers and caravans people have these days. Aren't you meant to leave all your crap at home?
DianaMiniApril - 22
Ocean Beach after watching the dolphins surfing
DianaMiniApril - 28

We had rain each night but the days were wonderful. Monday was the only really wet day, so we hopped in the car and made the trip to the treetop walk. Tall, old tuarts that are known for developing human-size holes in their trunks. We also made a trip to a maze made entirely of plants. Quiet and peaceful. fisheyeApril - 22
We got some tiny waves at Ocean Beach. Nothing to write home about, but it was fun. I loved that you could tell the local girls apart from all the visitors. The locals were surfing in bikinis. It was definitely a longboard wave. The beach is south-facing. As the sun set behind the hills and the surf club, the face of the waves became bathed in gold. We surfed two nights until it was too dark to see, sharing some golden, tandem waves.
DianaMiniApril - 07
Me at Green's Pool on a sunny day
fisheyeApril - 25
Rock Pool swims
DianaMiniApril - 12
Jess at Elephant Rocks
fisheyeApril - 26
Local art market on Easter Saturday
Easter long weekend camping
Happy Campers
We received hours of entertainment from our pterodactyl-like neighbours. However, I think we were all after a bit of solitude. A lot of fun, but next year I think we'll aim to get off the beaten track...
fisheyeApril - 32
The ideas are forming.

More images here: My Flickr Set - Denmark


HD said...

Loving the fish eye shots, and awesome background to your blog ! We only get mixtures of blue sky and cloud in this part of the world, so nice to see your blue sky shots too !

Ryan said...

Yes for off the beaten track!