Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is a shot from our trip up to Gnaraloo last year. With any luck we'll get up there again this year.
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I'm sure the swell can't be far away. It is now officially the hottest Summer we've ever had in Perth. This Summer's average maximum has been 32C. Compound that with the fact that we missed Winter last year, because we spent it in the Northern Hemisphere, and you can see why I'm getting excited about uggboots and surfing in the rain.

In the meantime, we've done our 4WD course and managed to score a compressor, so I'm primed for some 4WDing and have my fingers crossed that things look good this weekend for a surf trip to Derrs.


Jennifer said...

Hello Hannah.... do like your photography and your art work, came across your blog via Cloth Scissors - am not into surfing despite growing up in Scarborough ( a very long time ago!)

Hannah Katarski said...

Hey Jennifer!
Thanks for checking out my blog! I subscribed to CPS for a long time, but have since let it lapse. They're great mags though, huh!