Monday, March 21, 2011

Green Head Getaway

Our latest adventure took us 3 hours north of the city to a little place called Green Head. The weekend, in celebration of a friend's 30th was super relaxing. The highlight was definitely the trip out on her dad's boat to a little offshore island to visit the locals...
Dog of the sea 
Turns out they were pretty friendly!
Green Head - 09
Welcoming committee
Green Head - Sea lions
Green Head Sunset
We made it up pretty late Saturday night so enjoyed a magical nap here after frolicking with the sea lions. The Sou-wester was finally in and was very welcome.
Side trip on the way home... Apparently the dreaming stories of the local aboriginal people tell that the pinnacles were the bony hands of giant spirits buried under the ground. Their fingers are stretching towards the sky, looking for something to grab onto to pull themselves free of the earth.
Easy to see why it is a sacred place. 

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