Saturday, February 19, 2011

Second board makeover

At work on an old kneeboard
I finally plucked up the courage to attack one of my own boards with Posca paint pens. The first board was an old one of my dad's that he doesn't surf anymore, so if it turned into a disaster, it didn't matter.
I wanted my 6'8 to work out. Plus my husband surfs it as well, so couldn't have anything too girly on it. A challenge. Having said that, he did used to surf a pink foamie in Summer a fair bit - he doesn't really care what his boards look like.

Originally I'd planned to work on the deck, but the original spray was just too busy to add to.
So I drafted up a design for the underside of the nose hoping that, one day, that bit will be out of the water a lot and shown off while I'm busting reos etc :P.

I found it quite a challenge to work in such a narrow triangle, so I solved this by drawing the waves on an angle, effectively giving me more width to work in. I added the stars to echo the pattern on the deck. I used a more limited colour palette to minimise the girliness by avoiding the rainbow effect of the board above and stuck to simpler lines.
Board #2 - close up
completed 6'8

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