Monday, February 21, 2011

Dunsborough and Windmills

Spent a long weekend down in Dunsborough for a friend's 30th recently. I didn't think that Yallingup Bay ever got flat, but on the last day there, it was.

Got two surfs in amongst all the eating and ping pong.
A shortish session out at a tiny Yallingup mainbreak. Pretty terrible conditions. Super strong easterlies and hardly any swell, so you had to wait on the shelf of reef (that I could touch whilst sitting on my board...) to get enough steepness to catch the fat wave. Then a few random set waves would come and break so. far. out.
Got out to Windmills too. Finally found the place. Thought it was a 4WD track, then, now that we have a 4WD, found out that it's fine for all cars... So anyway the swell was super small, but there was still plenty of size coming through here.  Great fun and just so beautiful! Can't wait to check out some more spots off the beaten track from here.


Scott said...

It looks like an awesome place to be, so beautiful and I can't believe how colorful the water is.
Safe travels!

Hannah Katarski said...

I only just received this. I'll have to tweak my settings to that I get email notifications!