Sunday, July 26, 2009

Low tide - BUH BOW

It seems that whenever you have a great day and feel like you're getting things together, the ocean soon sends you something to bring you back down. We checked out the beach this morning, but just couldn't quite get ourselves motivated to get in. Cottesloe - too crowded, the reef? not frequent enough, sandtracks? no waves, Leighton - meh... So we watched the comp at Iso's (would have been out here if not for the comp) and came home. I went out this arvo for another look and thought the tide would be fine. It wasn't. Too shallow for the reefs so I ended up at the swimmers' beach again. Ate it so many times trying to surf on this little peak that no one wanted. Still, beats hassling with the twenty 15 year old shortboarders :) I'm reminded today that the right wave and conditions make all the difference. The saving grace was the dolphin that surfaced 2m from me and hung around for a while. So special seeing them swim past. Bloody freezing. I am now drinking tea and eating crumpets with honey. :]

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