Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lancelin Girls' Surf Safari

We had a great time up in Lancelin. Kristy and I headed up Friday arvo, arriving around 3:30. The accommodation was so dodgy but added to the flavour of the weekend. We made burritos for the girls - who arrived around 7pm - without any taco seasoning. Somehow that didn't make the journey from our shopping basket to our plastic bag!
Sleeping Friday night was a challenge as the tavern - next to our room - closed at midnight, spewing forth all the bogans in Lancelin and all of the bikies that had evidently booked the room next to ours. They were yelling and swearing and revving their cars until about 3am.
Saturday morning the 'light offshore' breeze that was forecast was more of a moderate offshore breeze, ruffling the palm trees and blowing huge streams off the waves. Packed up and convoy to the beach. The waves out the back were pretty impressive! Nice shape, most about head high and pretty hollow. We weren't quite ready for that. Unfortunately the shallower water didn't offer much of an alternative. We struggled to find some reforms and I resorted to taking some photos.
After a quick relocation to a spot further down the beach we had a bit more luck and some fun rides. Brunch was a fabulous affair - bbq brekkie in the park. The esky and the beers came with us and it was well earned!
After a nap in the arvo we headed back down the beach for an arvo session. The swell had dropped but the combination of onshore wind and incoming tide made it pretty difficult to sit anywhere useful. After an hour or so paddling through the 'minestrone' we went back for showers and some girl time before heading out to dinner.
No girls weekend would be complete without a late night car ride in search of sweets. We finished dinner at the ripe old time of 8pm. By then all the shops were closed and the only dessert option open to us was an ice cream from the pizza shop. I manage to not get us killed on the trip back along the street to Casa del Femme. Some late night hilarity followed by a restful night sans bikies...
Sunday morning was a totally different story. We were a bit slow getting up after a few drinks and a long day, but managed to pack ourselves and everything else in our cars before heading to the beach. Glassy, still, fabulous peaks out the back and the swell had dropped. Heaven. We got out the back and stayed there. I caught some of the biggest waves I've ridden. Out next to the boys. I found that we had a bit of trouble catching them so we moved to a different peak - let the guys have this one to themselves. I got a few nice rides and some cool drops. Nat managed to get herself some big waves out the back and also had a go on my board.
This was a morning I didn't want to end. Unfortunately the wind came in gradually as did the tide and it was time to go. Lunch at the bakery before making the trek back to Perth.

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