Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Surf Beach 2

We had such a great time yesterday that we headed down again on Monday as it was a public holiday. We took Kristy and met Rich and Nat there. What a fun day! With the good conditions everyone took a step up. James has been squatting more giving him more style and balance to work from. Kristy caught some green waves and Nat worked her butt off paddling for green waves and catching them. I had a go on Richard's fish, which was a real challenge. The standing was ok, but catching the waves was reeeeeally hard. Harder, I think, than Leeann's tiny toothpick of a board. We're thinking it needs some size to make it easier, plus being comfortable with a later take off. Richard got on my board and straight away had a really nice line along the face. Board choice makes such a big difference. This day had Nat and Kristy both talking about getting glass boards. The stoke. This weekend I'm heading off early on Friday and we're doing a girl's surfing safari to Lancelin. We're all very excited.

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