Friday, March 6, 2009

Avalon 2009

01/26/2009 - Avalon Point You Gear: 7'6 board. New reef boots Conditions: Light W/SW (>10knots) Swell: 1.8-2.6m Tide: 0.4-0.5m Per/Dir 13 SW Seas:1-1.5m This was before the Gold Coast, but I forgot to blog it and it was such a memorable day!! We were were all so knotted from the last 2 days, surfing and sailing, but today was great! We picked Richard up as he's working on his car at the moment and raced the seabreeze down to Mandurah. It was windy, but the waves were still breaking nicely. Easy paddle out to the reef. Nice breaks between waves to paddle back out. Some nice hip to waist high waves and a fun crowd. They looked big as they came towards you, but then they just crumbled. I don't think you could have gotten dumped by them! Due to where they were breaking, the waves weren't super long, but still really nice drops and a decent ride. Felt like I was actually up to the conditions and able to make the most of them, which is really fulfilling!! James went in after a little while, being tired from the day before, Rich and I stayed out a little longer with the longboarders. Can't wait to take the mal out next time. While we were out 2 dolphins swam past not 2 metres away. Absolutely magic! We're heading down to Denmark again this Easter and hoping for nice shape like last Easter - this year we'll be out the back with any luck. In June we'll be going up to Gnaraloo with my Dad, Uncle and cousins!! Scary but really exciting!

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