Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scarborough not so scabby

No photos today... Went to Scarborough with Leeann and Kristy. Boys are off sailing in the M27 Championships this weekend which means girl time! the weather's a bit weird at the moment. It's hot and fine, but there was meant to be a big kick in the swell, jumping up to 2.8m. However yesterday was only 0.6m and they haven't revised the forecast in fact, they're saying its going to hit 3m on Tuesday now. Awesome! Except we haven't had a hint of it yet. We shall see what develops. So this morning swell was at about 1m and Scabs was actually really nice. The waves were a bit infrequent, but other than that... They were fat - which you never see there - breaking deep, no shallow banks AND peeling. Managed to pick out a few for Kristy to paddle onto that she caught and didn't nosedive on so hopefully that'll help her confidence. She did a top job resurfacing the peeling patch on her bargain board. Looks shmick now! I came back from Queensland feeling that I hadn't really learned anything new as I spoke about here. But today felt really good. I had a few waves where I was roller coasting along them, straightening and angling to keep on the wave. That's something I'd only done once before our trip. One of those 'I'm really surfing!' moments. Love them. Next time I'm out I gotta remember to look down the line. With fickle waves I've been watching the patch right in front of me to figure out what's going on. Noticed it heaps when I was filming while riding a wave. I think I'm getting more aware of how much of an angle I need to paddle on. On steeper waves today, I still made the drop by paddling on more of an angle. Huzzah!

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