Sunday, March 1, 2009

Queensland 4 - Heading South

We checked out Ti-Tree again the morning we left, but there wasn't anything breaking. Determined to have a surf before we spent the whole day driving, we stopped in at Maroochydoore. I'd bought my new Mal the day before and couldn't wait to try it out. 9'1, bob Brown shaped. Half red and half blue. Plus it was calm enough to get the camera out again. Recording history. Waiting for a wave. The shape here was amazing. It looked more like a reef break than a beachie. They looked big but didn't have a lot of power. If you weren't taking off from the peak, it was really hard to catch. The shoulder didn't give you any love.
Paddling for a wave!!
One of my first rides on the new board and most recent picture of me surfing!! (Doesn't really give much away though, does it?) I did a fair bit of nose diving trying to get used to the new board, where to lie, the angle to paddle on. I'm slowly getting it sorted. I was amazed by how easily it turns! And its light, not like some of the longboards I've tried to pick up and can barely carry.
We arrived back at Coolangatta that arvo and were lucky enough to get a 2nd surf in at Rainbow Bay. The superbank was doing its thing. We were were in a spot removed from most of the hardcore surfers. But that also meant that we didn't have to compete for waves. There were so many to share out. Got a better handle on the mal in this session. I had a couple of really nice righthanders, staring into the sun, setting down the line. Some super long waves and cut backs!! I just didn't want to leave.

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