Sunday, March 1, 2009

Queensland 3 - Noosa!

Driving up to Noosa was disgusting. It was about 34 and the van had no air conditioning and barely any air coming out the air vents. Plus, because its a van, you are sitting on the engine in the front which makes it even hotter. Took a little longer than we thought, what with diversions to check out other places along the way. The Highway is a bit of a way inland from the surf towns. On the way up, we'd stopped in at Calloundra for a surf. King's Beach was the first place we found and it looked awesome! Until we got down the beach... Head high waves peeling beautifully out the back, but to get out to them - head high dumpers breaking on the shore. It just wasn't what we had in mind. Safely installed in a lovely little chalet for a couple of days, we had amazing food in Noosa and everyone was really friendly. We checked out Sunshine Beach by recommendation but it was big and pretty messy anyway. We decided to try for Ti-Tree Bay even though I'd heard you had to walk there and we weren't sure how far.
This is us at Noosa National Park.
Getting ready to carry all our stuff. Have we forgotten anything??
The National Park.
As it turned out, it was only a 5 - 10 minute walk in and this is the view we were greeted with. Magic. Pretty small when we arrived, but I guess that meant that there was only one guy out instead of everyone - and he was from Darwin! The waves broke off the little point you can see.
Totally psyched!
This guy appeared around the point paddling his board, disappeared out around Ti-Tree point and paddled back a little while later to catch this wave, before paddling home...
Refuelling before going back out.
It was such a fun day. No stress. Nothing scary. James had one terrific wave that no one else caught of the point, so he caught it a bit further in and went screaming along, high up on the face. After we'd been there for a couple of hours and had the place to ourselves, we were joined by about 10 other surfers. Still not really that crowded. Long waves here. I found I'd keep stalling my board trying to trim. Then I figured out that I needed to move my weight back and viola, I was zooming along again. Made things easier.Camera goggles - a bit blurry some pf the crew out. She was grumpy, though.
A couple of Asian guys and a girl on longboards were so good! Such a pleasure to watch them. Up and down the board, hanging 5, sitting on the nose! They never stopped moving.
I took this shot as I was riding the wave. I'm impressed, even if no one else is. ;)

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