Sunday, March 1, 2009

Queensland 1 - Gold Coast

I have so many photos I want to put on here, and they don't even include any of the camping and eating we did. Queensland was great! It was all I'd hoped it would be. Was hotter than I thought and we got a bit sizzled a few times. The waves are like nothing we have over here. All of the beaches I saw collected massive amounts of swell and had good banks! Maroochydore, Calloundra, Burliegh Heads. BIG waves for the swell coming in, but all nicely peeling. Even Kirra than people say isn't what it once was looked good. A wave would peel off and barrell and keep barrelling! Unridden. So less writing now and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...
Rainbow Bay the day we arrived.
We were so shattered from basically being awake for 36 hours, catching three planes...surfing was not a good idea.Refreshed the next day we couldn't park near the beach, so walked in from a few blocks back. Weekend crowd. Bloody hot. Ready to go out. Sunsmart!! We had a fun time. No pictures as it was all a bit busy to be worrying about a camera in the water. The was quite a current that pushed you west towards Greenmount Beach. This just meant that we, along with 40 other people, would get out there, walk back around and get back in where the waves were breaking. Sounds silly, but it was really strong.
After a surf, we checked out Point Danger. All the benches are shaped like surfboards. Here I am shooting the curl.
James hangin 10
Snapper Rocks. All part of Rainbow Bay, but a whole different kettle of fish.
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