Friday, February 6, 2009

Camera Mask Photography

The new camera mask arrived and I was so excited to give it a crack. As it is basically handsfree it is really easy to aim and use. I snapped this nice pic of a guy down there I didn't know. The next photo is of another guy from the 'chinaman camp' Like me, he knows how to play it cool. Here's Tania taking off on a little wave. Kristy scored this board 2nd hand from the local surf school for $90! If she didn't buy it we were going to. Bargain. Quite like the framing of this shot, which is great because there's a fair bit of luck involved in taking photos with this thing. I love this pic of Leeann as she looks like she's having so much fun. Actually looks a bit crap this to enlarge. James had some great waves this day, considering how small they were. I got some great videos of him blasting along. The take off. By the time I've gave the camera to someone else, the batteries were starting to play up and these are the only shots of me. Leeann got out of sync and was pressing stop when she needed to start and vice versa. :( Maybe a few good shots of me in Queensland! We fly out at midnight tonight!!! Bags are almost packed (stuff is piled on the floor) boards have had their fins removed and are all wrapped ready to go. I blog all about it once I'm back in WA!

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