Thursday, December 18, 2008

Foam and frothing

Hanging out for a surf! Broke my fin out last weekend in the super shallow water at Scabs. Still at the shop getting repaired. As a result I've been looking for something that I can ride when the surf is shit, shallow but I still want to go out. Found 2 7' foam learner boards in the quokka, but both had sold by Sunday when I phoned. Quokka came out this morning and I was ready. No 7 footers though. Only this: For $40, I didn't really think I could go wrong. Boogie boarding, I want to stand up, so with this hopefully I have a bit better chance of success. Plus, no fins to break!!! It's almost crunch time if I'm going to paint the van over the Xmas break. Gotta get my paint this weekend. Here's my design ideas so far...

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