Thursday, December 18, 2008

Birthday presents and drawings!

I've just made a present for a friend who's birthday is this weekend. I've done a bit of a tutorial, taking photos along the way...This is lying out bits of vlisofix on black felt. Laying out squares onto the felt.Ironed and ready to be stitched down properly. Stitched using straight stitch and metallic thread.Painted and stamped with puff paint, ready to be puffed. After puffing it with an iron, I painted the puff and any bare bits with black felt showing through. Then rubbed in treasure gold too. I painted some sticks and wound them with wire and beads. Cut my fabric into an arch shape and sewn it into my frame. I glued moulded, painted model magic in the centre and attached beads with wire off the bottom. Here's some of my drawings!


Jim said...

Whoa! Beautiful present making!

RHONDA said...

That arch shape is just gorgeous! Very inspiring, and I love the colours. This is a great blog, with lots to look at and be inspired by. Thanks!

English Rose said...

this is lovely Hannah, could I just let you know that my birthday is in september, so you've plenty of time! happy new year hon.

Joozy said...

OMG! I just saw this!
Copyright!! ;)

just kidding. i love having hanny artz in my new room!