Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fond Farewell

Looks like the banks down at Sandtracks are gone for the year. Maybe we didn't have a great season this year, but it seemed like the were only a handful of times when things were working right there. Maybe James and I need to quit our jobs so that we can surf when the time is right, rather than when we are not at work. :P Sandtracks today was a small, chunky, steep mush. Amazed that there were waves at all - but not really rideable. I was fooled from the carpark as I put my wetsuit on in the rain and trundled down to the point. The bottom has flattened out leaving metres and metres of kneehigh water for the waves to form and break in.When I arrived it looked like this.
Then like this when I was leaving Last weekend I headed down to Scarborough on Sunday to see if I could score a tiny wave like I saw the day before. No such luck. It was tiny! 0.4m off Rottnest. But the water was a fabulous turquoise and I got to watch the surf school. Ahhh the memories. It was so much fun. Got chatting to a guy who was teaching his teenage boys to surf. They used to have a beach house near Avalon when he was a kid. It's changed a lot since then, apparently. We had the water to ourselves when the lesson finished. The blue glow Biff in his element Yesterday was quite a good session at Scarborough. It didn't stay good, but James and I both got a couple of nice rides. It was really hard to read the waves - everything just looked like lumps, but a bit of faith had you on a wave with some shape. Good to be in the water. :)

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