Sunday, November 23, 2008

Biff's Makeover

Today I participated in a bus shelter painting workshop I organised as part of work. We didn't have many participants for this one so I thought I'd come along to help out. It was fun. We worked with aerosols to paint the shelter with a design that the participants partly came up with with the help of the artist. It's looking great. Gave me lots of ideas for painting Biff. I'm thinking now that I might be able to spray him entirely from a can and can be a bit more adventurous than I thought. Will have to try some of the things we did in the workshop and see if I can come up with a bold design.This was my first attempt with aerosols. Apparently the cheap ones are really runny and they don't have directional nozzles. I used lots of stencils I'd cut. Pretty happy with it. Excited about getting some finer nozzles for next time, so I can do some drawing.
The possibilities....

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