Monday, October 20, 2008

A year of arches....

It's October!! The year long swap I've been participating in with 'Textile Challenges on Yahoo Groups is almost at an end. It has been a good process but in some ways it will be good to have it tied up. Lately I have such a small amount of time to sit down and make art, that it ends up all going into the monthly arches. Once they're done I plan to start in earnest on my sample book that I'm working on. More about that later. You can see the beginnings of it here. I'm a bit behind on the arches, what with having been away in the UK for a month. Oo!! Lots of inspiring photos from there too - Old, time worn stone and intricate architecture. yum!! I'm part way through Pam's Arch for September, but have finished the ones for August and October. The top one is for Margaret who has specified and Egyptian theme. Having such a specific theme would probably be really good because it will unify all the arches once you have 12 back from 12 different people. I've hand dyed the fabric then added fabric painting, water transfers, hand stitching and beading. The bottom arch is for Arlee. A little hard to see and the colour isn't quite right, but this one also has beading and hand stitching.

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Red Hen (dette) said...

Hannah, Thank you for your inspiring speech at the art blast exhibition opening tonight. Your words really resonated with me. I thought of one of the year 7 boys at my school who has been so negative towards himself since I have known him. Last wednesday he did a drawing that was delightful, I told him I thought it was fantastic and he must feel proud of his efforts. He gave me half a smile ( a first for him!) I gave him a merrit award for his efforts and he actually thanked me for it and was visibly chuffed when I told him I'd framed it and put it in Art Blast. While setting up a couple of ladies pointed his drawing out as their favourite. I told him this and he broke out into a huge full smile "I can't believe it" he said with the biggest most genuine grin I've ever seen! It was one of those moments you teach for. Your speech reminded me of the importance of these little moments that are in fact huge for the kids!
I've had a bit of a browse through your blog and website and I enjoyed your work, I particularly liked your tree in gallery one on your web site and I am most intrigued by the heat shaped yo-yos and the little frames?? or templates. I've never seen those and can't figure out how they work! Having just done them by hand myself before (just the circles.) I,ve written a novel sorry!