Thursday, October 23, 2008

September Arch for Pam

I started with hand painted polyester fabric. Nice and shiny! Then added an image that I transferred onto cotton of the celtic cross. I tried to blend this by cutting curved edges and adding organzas over the top before stitching in greens and finally red. Also added the hand dyed lace. This is a stone celtic cross in Ireland at the site of an old monastery. From memory it was made c900. The Pope wouldn't acknowledge it as a relic because the circle around the top is considered pagan... They used to use the carvings to tell stories and teachings from the bible.


Heather said...

I have just discovered your blog via Digital Gran, and think your work is lovely. Your September arch is beautiful and so serene - I could look at it for ages. That Celtic cross is fantastic, I'm mad about them. I'll have to remember how to find you again so I can see more of your lovely images. Very inspiring, thankyou.

Hannah Katarski said...

Thank you :)