Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yo-yos galore!!

I bought myself a little pressie on ebay on the weekend and it arrived today! That's pretty good going - as its Wednesday. Tonight I plan to have a fiddle with my new clover yo-yo makers. I bought sizes for making round and one for heart shaped. I'm hoping I'll be able to take them on the plane and do some sewing when we go to the UK in 6 weeks. I've also been playing with some luggage tags that Carol sent me aaages ago. I have finally figured out what to do with them. They are eventually going to be a sample book. These will be the dividers for all the techniques I plan to experiment with over the next few months. Like most other people, I have heaps of supplies that I haven't even touched. But I plan to!! I do! So this is my little way of giving myself permission to play. Just make small samples and see what happens. After all, that's how we learn. I've spent a lot of time the last year or more making things but it is nice sometimes to purposefully not make things. No expectations. No product. just an experience. They need a little more stamping, then some fibres dangling off the eyelet. My little samples will be smaller than these tags which measure 10cm x 18cm and interleaved with the divider tags. I'm thinking off buying a bind-it-all tool. Has anyone got one? Worth buying? They aren't that cheap, but I think they are awesome. More only hesitation is getting the owires shipped to Australia. They don't seem to do boxes of mixed sizes and colours - only bulk buys of singles colours. People do some amazing things with them. There's some great stuff on flickr like Patrick Ng's work and Jo36's. Her work is just stunning. Righto. Off to find a better blog template. Ciao x


Carol said...

Hi, What a suprise! A new look blog. I see you have been busy as usual. Good idea for the tags. I have a binder but it is not the same make. I had not even thought of using it for textile stuff. I bought it for my bissiness. Mine is plastic not the metal rings.

Carol said...

They look lush! A great way to use them too. Don't forget if you get anywhere bear south Waes, you must must come and see me/ meet up! Love carol t