Sunday, July 6, 2008

My amazing dinner and other adventures

Last night was a get it yourself kind of night. James made bread in the afternoon and after filling up on bread and honey and also crumpets at my parents' place, there wasn't much room for dinner. The crumpets, I might add, had camembert and smoked salmon on them How can I resist?? So I made myself mushroom bruscetta! Olive oil and garlic-y goodness on homemade spelt bread with chili and homegrown herbs. the recipe is from 'Jamie at home'. So simple and so good, but the neighbours could probably smell my garlic breath from next door!
Some eye candy. An indian bag I bought a few months ago and a scarf I knitted years ago. Its just started to get cold enough to need it!! But that's not stopping getting into the ocean for a surf...
Tags that I made up last night to go in my book as dividers. I have also stamped and painted on the black sides. Looking cute!
Here's the back of them along with some doodling on my backing paper. I use the ikea packaging from things we've bought as its really big and doesn't leave ink on everything like newspapers can. Will probably cut out the tree piece and stick it in my journal - I like how the layers have built up as I've used different paints and stamps.And... viola!! Some yo-yos I've made from my yo-yo maker. So cute!! I'm loving doing all pinks. They're like precious little sweets! Anyone for tea??And some blue ones using the heart shaped yo-yo maker. It is as easy as everyone says. No hassle at all. I plan to fill a vase with them!! Somebody stop me now!!
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