Thursday, March 1, 2007


Had a lovely day today. Been feeling abit under the weather, but made sure I took some photos of what I have happening. This piece needs some coral coloured paint on the canvas, I think. Maybe evento reference the red and pink more. I am about to start making a felt piece using the colours above!! EEEEEE!


Dianne said...

Love what you've been doing. That top piece is fabulous!! Are they all little 1" art squares?

Hannah Katarski said...

It is a design I worked out about a year ago, inspired by a quilting arts article. It has sort of developed.

Saw some textile art last nightand one piece (ehich I Loved) was basically strands and strands of 1" art squares all joined together with graduated colour changes. Very cool!
I will post a pic on our group, if I can find it on the web somewhere.
Thanks for your posts, Dianne.