Sunday, March 18, 2007

Deeper Water

Here is the finished piece. Well almost. i couldn't decided what it needed. So finally I added the felted cord you see below. It hangs down like a tassel on each side and scallops across the front as you can sort of see from the picture.
Below is my almost finished "Morrocan Mystery II" I wasn't too sure about the pink, but I'm quite happy with it. Also helped finding a very transparent black organza to work with. I used a reverse applique technique with black chiffon - sew the cut a lot of it away. Then I sew on the black organza to cover the areas where I removed the more opaque chiffon. I have a big square frame ready for it!!
I bought this yesterday!!! The whole hank of recycled sari silk for $15!! Ohhhh yeah. Don't love all the colours, but I'm sure different bits will come in handy all over the place. I've almost used up a the other tibetan silk I bought (there wasn't this much, though).
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