Thursday, March 8, 2007

Deeper Water and News!!

I have been making a piece inspired by water for an upcoming felt exhibition and here it is! not quite finished, titled 'Deeper Water.' It will be a wall hanging.

As of today I am also represented by a gallery!! Will be putting some work in in 2 weeks! It's really exciting. My husband has started piecing a miniature quilt using the fabrics below. Very nice!! Will keep you posted.

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Dianne said...

Good luck with showing your art!! The deep water piece has some beautiful colours - can't wait to see the end result. Would also love to see what your husband comes up with!!

Terri Stegmiller said...

Hi, just found your blog link over on Doreen's blog "Creative Meanderings". I enjoyed looking through your posts, very beautiful work.

Doreen G said...

Your deep water piece looks interesting.
I will be interested to see what your husband comes up with also.

linda said...

Hi Hannah, just found your blog through the Catalyst blog, Some great work, especially like your Marrakesh piece. I know you through Innovative Stitches.

Anonymous said...