Monday, February 26, 2007

What I've been up to

Right, above is another piece I am planning to mount on canvas using small pieces of art as the focal point. Best intentions, but keep getting sidetracked by things like work. I am planning to paint the background and sponge it to give a mottled effect. I am then going to cut the organza with my soldering iron and nestle the pieces inside organza petals.
This piece is for an upcoming art sale. Obviously not quite finished yet. Looks really good in this photo!! I had it in a frame and someone suggested that framing didn't do it justice and I should try canvas mounted. I think this will work out well.
I am making a series of ocean inspired pieces for my Uncle's gallery. This pic and the one below will comprise a full moon and ocean piece.Hand felted night sky.


Dianne said...

Hannah, that ocean inspied piece is just gorgeous!! Is it made with organza?

Hannah Katarski said...

Yes! Organza over all sorts! Velvets, lame, other organzes...