Monday, February 5, 2007

What do you think??

Right. Well I've been fiddling around with this for a while. It's an experiment in combining canvas and textiles in a way that highlights the's meant to be, anyway. So I have a couple of things to ask. Firstly, I haven't attached the centre square yet. Do you think it is good here? Or should I move it up to the top left? Second, I was thinking of adding some matching fibre onto the canvas to try and 'connect' the fore and background a bit more. sound like a good idea? Third, would you want to look at this on your wall? I am making some pieces so an upcoming art sale, and don't know whether this is up to scratch on not. Thanks for any feedback/ advice. I will post a few close ups so you can get a feel for the piece. :)
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English Rose said...

Hannah this is coming on really well. to answer your questions, the centre square is fine where it is - if you move it you will leave a void. I think attaching fibres to integrate the design may work well. wondering as well whether 'roughing up' the edges of the squares a little may also help integrate the design. as to whether I would put this on my wall, well not yet, but work it up a little more and you will definitely have something girl.
hope that pennyworth helps.

Doreen G said...

Hi Hannah
I had tried to comment on the last post but blogger didn't like me so I gave up--I probably should have e-mailed you.
I think the problem is that maybe you should add one more little square because odd numbers nearly always look best.
I am not an expert but I think if you lay the fibre on the piece first then place the squares onto it this may help.
This is only a suggestion and I hope it will help.
By the way I'm the Doreen who traded ATC's with you in one of Dale's swaps

Hannah Katarski said...

Thanks for the advice, Girls.
I really apreciate it. I think I will leave this piece to the side where I can see it. Hopefully a little spark will happen in the next little while.