Monday, February 5, 2007



kay susan said...

Keep it in the centre.

Hannah Katarski said...

Thanks for the feedback, ladies.

Doreen I did consider another square up the top left - of course that means I have to make another one. :(

I also agree it needs more interest - layers. Just don't quite know how to go about it. Might put it off to the side for a while and a good idea might seep into my brain. :)

Doreen I have your ATC in my small collection, all in their little plastic sleeves! Are you doing the new swap Dale is organising for the next craft fair?

Samm said...

Hannah, hi!

I just left a msg on one of your flickr photos... i'm a bit silly! as soon as i posted it i worked out that i knew your work because of the textile group that you are involved in. i'm a friend of faery di's!! your work is gorgeous. i'm going to add your link to my sidebar on my blog cos i think your stuff shold be seen.
when i get my bum into order, i might join in and get involved in some of the swaps that your guys do.cheers