Thursday, January 4, 2007

What I did today

Well apart from climbing on the roof to prune palm trees and having a mouse fall on me it has been a relatively nice day. Not too hot - its been overcast the last couple of days. I had the SD card I bought on ebay arrive for my camera yesterday. I bought it for $40 with postage instead of $120 which they are selling them for in the shops. Today my 2007 diary arrived!! I thought I had missed out - ordered it from the UK a month ago and it still hadn't arrived. Upon e-mailing the company they said that it should have but that they couldn't send me a replacement because they are now sold out!! So luckily it came today. :) The spirit of the diary -being to procrastinate - is obviously embodied in it as it took its time getting here... I have just joined up to a new yahoo group - textile challenges. The current challenge is 'altered surfaces'. I had a play today with this concept in mind and the ocean theme which I am exploring for the Margaret River Gallery. I am trying to achieve depth in the water without being, i don't know, cliched. Trying to do something new. I'm still finding it difficult to correlate my designs with the actual finished product... I seems to be a leaping off point, inspiration, rather than a clear design.

I will add stitching over the top of all this. It is basically a sampler as I wanted to see the effect and transparency of each fabric I used on the top. Learnt not to iron the sequins for too long either... :)

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Carol said...

Hannah, funny that we are both grapling with the water theme, but in totally different ways, you see I must have sensed a kindred spirit! Thanks for mentioning Textile challenges, I am glad to see you enjoying alredy. Love carol