Friday, December 29, 2006

Reply to Susan - LIFT

Susan e-mailed me via this site to say she received 'L' of the postcards I submitted to fiber art for a cause.
Susan, I can't e-mail you because you didn't provide it,but hopefully you will get the answer posted here. :)
The postcards I made in sections. The base is hand-dyed cotton using dala sun colours and salt. The borders along the left is simply off cuts from other projects, coloured paper or interfacing and machine stitching. I have stamped along the bottom with bronze acrylic paint.
The green 'tile' is made by pressing layers of water soluble paper into a stamp as per Beryl Taylor's latest book. It is then painted once dry.
The illuminated letters are made with felt as a backing. I found a font that I liked in Word and the drew it onto the back in reverse. I can't believe I actually did that now!! How fiddly. The letters then had painted nappy liners ironed onto them before free-machining details and stitching onto the backing.
Please feel free to ask me anything else via my e-mail: hannah.katarski at (Written like this to stop spam engines.)


Carol said...

Love this piece, i donated to FFac too but mine were not nearly as lovely as yours, well done.

Carol said...

Sorry sent blog url not group here is the group one
Love carol

Maureen said...

I'm so happy that Carol told me of your blog........that makes four Aussies on the textilechallenge group now!Loved your ATC and the water soluble clock for your Mum.
Where do you buy your wools?Thread Studio or the lady out CityBeach way?