Sunday, November 26, 2006

Size does matter!

Completed two postcards today to send to a friend! Haven't done a lot of anything except work and be sick for the last month. Had this cough that I just couldn't shake - so all my ribs were sore, plus I was doing a LOT of overtime at work. I'm better now. The weather's good. I have 6 days left of work before I am officially unemployed!! (In my mind anyway) I have been applying for jobs, but there aren't a lot being advertised in the area I want to work in. Plus I don't want to take the first random thing I see because I'm desperate. I want to get a job I really want to do and stick with for a while, not get 5 years down the track and realise I'm still doing something that was meant to be temporary. Enough of that! I went to a textile exhibition today which was excellent! Heaps of artists from a group called 'Designing Women'. Some beautiful work. It was also really good to see how people had chosen to finish their work and what prices it was selling at. I have a couple of exhibitions and things lined up for next year, but am not very experienced at pricing so this was a good experience for me. I've read that the bigger it is, the more people are willing to pay - so not much use making something tiny and intricate because people want 'value for money'. Below are scans of the postcards I finished. Unfortunately scans are not so great, but better than nothing! I have printed on a variety of synthetic fabrics and cut them into squares. I have overlaid that with synthetic chiffon. My plan was initially to burn away the chiffon but a number of things have made me decide against burning it all. It's no longer the look I want. I'm mostly happy with these, though. The scan really doesn't do them justice. :I

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