Thursday, September 14, 2006


The last couple of days I've been having a play with Dala Sun Colours. I bought a set at the last craft fair and fiiiinally got around to experimenting. It was really good fun. Now that the weather is nicer, I've been setting up outside on the grass. I just slap on a pair of gloves and play. No photos as of yet, still no camera. I can appreciate now what a difference hand-dyed fabric makes to a piece - it just adds another dimension instead of a flat background...Although you can even buy fabric that looks like hand-dyed fabric now...or patchwork...or... The background from my fibre postcard below was cut from one of my first dyeing expeditions. These dyes are effected by the sun in how fast they dry. If some parts dry faster, more dye will move there so that the water is evenly spread, the result being you can get some amazing light and dark effects. You can also place objects on the wet dyed fabric and get results similar to sun prints on photo paper. I just finished 3 miniature versions of the fabric postcards with the letters: FLY on them. AND I even framed them!! All finished an gorgeous. Still agonising over the Spiral piece I am making...when is enough, enough? Pictures soon.

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Mr T said...

spanny you are SOOOOOOO dramatic, dying all over the house. Tuh.