Sunday, August 6, 2006

Craft Fair

Went to the Craft Fair yesterday. Didn't seem to be as many stalls as last year, or as at the show at the Convention Centre. But this was good because you didn't have to worry about missing anything. Also there weren't a zillion people walking on you. Went to a couple of great workshops; one with Chris Aitkins, one with Jacinta Leishman. So I am inspired today. :) I have all but finished my piece for the Art Comp, and was playing with my Twinkles which are very exciting after doing Jacinta's class. I have painted a whole pile of blank tags that I had in my draw, finished off the two projects I started at the fair, and now I am onto repainting some sections of a journal I decorated. I had previously painted it, and the red underneath soaked through a layer of gesso and 2 layers of paint!! Try again... I'll upload a pic of my finished tag book asap.

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