Saturday, August 26, 2006

Art Exhibition and Awards.

I went to the opening Ceremony last night. My friend and I went and 'swanned' around looking at all the wonderful things people had made. There was a great sculptural piece called 'Superhero" that I really liked. It was a lamp made out of mainly wire. My piece sold!!! It's really exciting and nice that someone wanted to buy something I've made :) I realise now that I underpriced it, but pricing art is hard - I've heard lots of people say. However, I would have rather someone bought and enjoy it, than it comes home and I have it kickin' around the house until my exhibition. So next time I won't short change myself. More creating to do!!!


Jennyffur Fancypants said...

Hey Ho!

I thought the art awards were fun. Swanning was good, shame about the free wine. I was proud to be the "special invite" of an artist in an exhibition.

I thought your piece was definitely up there as far as quality went, Han. You should be proud that your first "piece" was so great.

I really liked a few of the other pieces... though not neccessarily the ones the judges chose...

I'm sure your tree is loved somewhere now! Did you visit it before the exhibition ended?

Hannah Katarski said...

Thanks Jen,
Yes I did go and visit it!!
I felt the same about the wine, sadly. I don't drink a lot, but my father is a winemaker. :)

Thanks for your lovely words. I think it was actually bought by the city of Melville so that's quite cool - means it will be on display and lots of people will get to see it.

I'm now thinking of extending on the theme of this piece to sort of develop a series.