Friday, July 14, 2006

Being productive

I'm on holidays now and so I had time to spend a whole day sewing. My piece for the upcoming competition is well underway. The felt back and the disk are finished. Some sewing still needs to happen on the disk though. I have almost finished the tree for the foreground, minus foliage. Its interesting how you try and problem solve before you start and its really hard, but once you get going and something doesn't happen the way you expected, you just go, 'oh well, I'll do it that way, then.' So simple. Here's the tree I've been working on. Obviously the white vilene will be removed when it is attached to the rest of the piece. In the middle I was going to embroider a rising moon and a boab tree. But the vilene has gathered from all the stitching. (Next time 2 layers for stabilising.) So instead I'm going to work the boab on another piece which will be positioned behind the tree and show through the hole. Will probably use some stuffing also.

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